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Benefits of App Extensions by Linking to Text Ads

Linking app for download from text ad is nothing but app extensions. Adwords App extensions from text ads are linked to mobile and tablet apps which are in IOS and Google Play Store. Text ad viewers will click either text ad headline or app extensions. This type of app extensions feature is a great way for accessing your website as well as your app. App extensions link leads to app store i.e. Google play store or Apple store.
Do App Extensions Costs? Yes, applying app extensions to your account text ads is free but the cost per click of app extensions is same as cost per click of the text ad.
Main Key Benefits of App Extensions: 

1.We can add app extensions at an account level, campaign level, and ad group level. 2.We can differentiate the clicks we get between text ad headline and app extension.
3. We can choose devices where our text ad app extensions can appear like mobile, tablet or PC.
4.Based on customer’s device type the app extension link is showed.
5.We can schedule ad app extensio…

Search Engine Optimization Checklist For Beginners



•Website URL should be keyword rich.
•Content in the website should be keywords rich as well as reduce images and videos.
•Check out on website loading speed
•Keep social sharing buttons on the website like twitter, Facebook etc.
•Add internal links in the website
•Keep check on bounce rate of page and find out issues as why people are leaving your page soon
•Title tag of the website should be keyword preference
•Use Outbound links
•The title of any content in the website should be kept under header tag i.e. H1 tag.
•Add modifiers like “best” “reviews” to the website.
•Long content should be added to the website page to rank keywords.


•Updating posts in social networking sites
•Create separate blog and post content related to website
•Forum Postings
•Search engine submissions
•Directory submissions
•Social Bookmarking sites submissions
•Link exchange
•Link baiting
•Photo sharing like (Instagram)
•Video sharing like YouTube
•Review postings
•Article Submis…