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Benefits of App Extensions by Linking to Text Ads

Linking app for download from text ad is nothing but app extensions. Adwords App extensions from text ads are linked to mobile and tablet apps which are in IOS and Google Play Store. Text ad viewers will click either text ad headline or app extensions. This type of app extensions feature is a great way for accessing your website as well as your app. App extensions link leads to app store i.e. Google play store or Apple store.
Do App Extensions Costs? Yes, applying app extensions to your account text ads is free but the cost per click of app extensions is same as cost per click of the text ad.
Main Key Benefits of App Extensions: 

1.We can add app extensions at an account level, campaign level, and ad group level. 2.We can differentiate the clicks we get between text ad headline and app extension.
3. We can choose devices where our text ad app extensions can appear like mobile, tablet or PC.
4.Based on customer’s device type the app extension link is showed.
5.We can schedule ad app extensio…

Search Engine Optimization Checklist For Beginners



•Website URL should be keyword rich.
•Content in the website should be keywords rich as well as reduce images and videos.
•Check out on website loading speed
•Keep social sharing buttons on the website like twitter, Facebook etc.
•Add internal links in the website
•Keep check on bounce rate of page and find out issues as why people are leaving your page soon
•Title tag of the website should be keyword preference
•Use Outbound links
•The title of any content in the website should be kept under header tag i.e. H1 tag.
•Add modifiers like “best” “reviews” to the website.
•Long content should be added to the website page to rank keywords.


•Updating posts in social networking sites
•Create separate blog and post content related to website
•Forum Postings
•Search engine submissions
•Directory submissions
•Social Bookmarking sites submissions
•Link exchange
•Link baiting
•Photo sharing like (Instagram)
•Video sharing like YouTube
•Review postings
•Article Submis…

How to Push Negative Search Results Down: 4 Steps to Bury Them

Usually, a negative review of a company or organization leaves a bad remark. It is difficult to get rid of such negative reviews and posts in Google Search Results. Some of the digital marketing tips to overcome with this negative reviews in first five pages of Google Search Results are the following:

Optimization Tips for Negative Reviews of any Company:

1. Social Media Websites:

·Create the profile of the company or organization in Social Media Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram. ·Daily posting on the social media websites help.
2. Blogs:
·Create different blogs and post articles with company or organization related keywords. ·The article we post in the blog should be entirely positive about the company or organization.
3. Update Reviews

·    Updating the reviews in the review websites ·    The reviews should include with company or organization related keywords
4. YouTube Video

·   Create YouTube video with employees of the company or organization about some…

5 Tips For Optimizing a Trueview Video Ads For Viewer Engagement

Now a day’s consumers from teens to adults are familiar with videos and spends more time on them. To promote brands and business videos are the best option. 

To understand how to optimize video ads for business we have to go through press play on preview video ads which is introduced by Google Adwords.

Few points to understand how to optimize video ads are:

·Set stage for true view ads because ads appear in different context

·Use well-designed images and texts to capture attention of consumers

·Add call to action overlays so that as soon as consumer finish watching the video can go for purchase.

·If distribution of your goods are doing well then use remarketing list in display network

·Set video ad rotations and use video analytics to optimize.

10 Best Practices to Enter International Markets With Google Adwords

We can expand a business across new countries through Google Adwords instantly. This unlocks the new opportunities and challenges to connect across a globe.  The best practices of digital marketing to connect across new countries through Google Adwords Advertising are as follows

·Have to research your opportunities abroad

·Are the customers in abroad looking for your products?

·Understand the requirements like payment methods and other translation needs.

·Have to connect with a local market.

·Based on location, language and other factors start the new market and expand it later.

·Cultural differences should be taken into account and update keywords, ads and landing pages based on that.

·Optimize Adwords account across markets.

·Customize your goals based on user value, competition, and cost of the goods that are sold.

·Set account structure and campaigns which work for you.

·Use automated bidding and ad customizers tools to manage account easily.

These are the simple practices applicable for bus…

How To Use Google Keyword Planner For Profitable Adwords Account?

Google keyword planner is the first contact point for keyword research of many digital marketers. It is a free tool for marketers to get ideas about keywords, ad groups and campaigns to create for any business. We choose bids and budget for the campaign and keywords which are relevant to the product or service through this tool.

Simply a google keyword planner is defined as "Keyword Planner to research traffic potential" which is also known as keyword suggestion tool.

We can get keyword ideas for a business by just entering a term or word relevant to your business. Based on the monthly search volume of keyword we can add a keyword to the keyword list of a campaign and track performance. 

The workflow of this tool is keyword selection, keyword grouping, keyword analysis and filtering aspects of the keyword selection.

10 Ways How Google Keyword Planner Helps For PPC:

1.    Helps to choose historical statistics like search volume for keywords list.

2.    Helps to find out new keyword…

17 Quick Tips To Leverage Google Adwords Platform For Beginners

What is Google Adwords?
Google is the leading search engine in Greece and all over the world. Google Adwords is said to be an internet advertising service or internet advertising program which allows advertisers to create ads and run the business. It is a decisive cog in the digital performance marketing workflow where we get qualified leads from quality traffic. 

This internet marketing tool helps advertisers to reach new customers and grow business easily. By creating successful ads for your customers the investment may turn into revenue. It is a pay per click model you’re only charged when a user clicks your ad. 

Google AdWords will teach you basic and intermediate SEO skills. It allows you to place an ad in front of customers searching for products/services you offer. 

For any business, there will be certain targets that should be reached. In this case, Google Adwords helps us to reach them. The following are the goals that we can reach for any business website through Adwords:


What is Pay Per Click Marketing? Learn Best Practices

What is meant by PPC?
PPC is known as Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click. PPC is a model of digital marketing. Pay per click which is paid for each click to the publisher by an advertiser commonly associated with search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. It is a digital advertising model to drive a direct traffic to the websites i.e. earning visits to the websites.
Advertisers can display ads for their goods or services through paid advertising. Simply defines as "increase the awareness of our brand and drive revenue". 
PPC is calculates as:
PPC (pay per click) = Advertising cost / Ads Clicked
PPC marketing is also known as paid search marketing that comes under SEM (Search Engine Marketing) form. Different forms of search engine marketing are shown below.
Paid Search AdsPaid Search AdvertisingPPC (Pay Per Click)CPC (Cost Per Click)CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)These forms are same for any of the paid advertising.
Search engine marketing platforms which are mostly in use are Google…