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6 Tips How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is one of the social media strategy used to drive traffic to our website. Here we can share photos, videos and use snap chat to attract customers towards your business. This social networking platform plays the major role in digital marketing. 6 Tips to Get More Followers:1. Add Hashtags That Are Relevant to Your Post.     If you are posting a photo or video related to health, then add health related hashtags like #healthtips etc.
      2.Stick with Theme You Choose     What’s your niche? Photography, yoga whatever you choose
      3. Don’t Add Hashtags More Than 5 for Each Post
      4. When to Post? Timing is Everything

    On research, the timing is Monday to Friday after 12 PM.

      5. Compose Photos Properly      Make sure your photos are composed properly. There is lots of info on the web on how to take a good picture. Good pics will make your feed stand out.
       6. Location Tagging      Instagram provides the ability for you to tag a location in your posts, this is called …

Latest SEO Tips For Getting Your Site to The Top of The Search Engines

There's a lot involved with optimizing any business website. This is because there are different strategies that only work for specific business models. One example is that there's a huge difference between a business operating solely online, and one that uses its website mainly for providing good basic information and directing customers to their real world location. Luckily, when you're dealing with a good SEO company, they can offer ways of creating customized content suitable for your website and your target audience. There are other distinct advantages as well. We'll have a look at some of the various aspects of SEO and how it may benefit your business.

Ethical SEO practices are known as 'white hat' practices. They are used by those who choose to do things the right way and not by any shady means. It can provide your users with good informative content that will help them understand your products/services better, and also show that you've made an inve…