How to Push Negative Search Results Down: 4 Steps to Bury Them

Usually, a negative review of a company or organization leaves a bad remark. It is difficult to get rid of such negative reviews and posts in Google Search Results. Some of the digital marketing tips to overcome with this negative reviews in first five pages of Google Search Results are the following:

Optimization Tips for Negative Reviews of any Company:

1. Social Media Websites:

·        Create the profile of the company or organization in Social Media Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram.
·        Daily posting on the social media websites help.

2. Blogs:
·        Create different blogs and post articles with company or organization related keywords.
·        The article we post in the blog should be entirely positive about the company or organization.

3. Update Reviews

·            Updating the reviews in the review websites
·            The reviews should include with company or organization related keywords

4. YouTube Video

·           Create YouTube video with employees of the company or organization about something good.
·           Update title with company or organization related keywords.
·           Sharing the video with video sharing websites like

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