11 Simple Ways To Get More Views On Your YouTube Videos

YouTube channel isn’t getting more audience attention and views then you’re missing out on huge opportunities. There is no foolproof method for turning your video into an overnight viral success it may take time. We must accept the truth that the first video we post will not get a lot of views. Don't get upset about that. If you are confident about the quality of content then keep making videos and earn more. 

You have to post at least one video in your channel every week or 3 to 4 videos per month. Consistency in uploading videos and making sure your video is better in content and quality will help you get more views as well as subscribers. 

Other than these here are some tips below you should take into consideration:

1. Youtube SEO:

To drive views organically you have to follow some SEO strategies. Make the title of the video as short and interesting, viewer-centric. Write a good video description like telling a story about the video instead of describing what's happening in the video. Think about what your viewers are searching, and make sure those keywords are included in your video tags.

2. Social Sharing: 

To drive traffic from Social media share and connect your youtube videos in popular social media networks like twitter, facebook, and Pinterest. You must have a decent number of followers to get traffic through these social media networks. Ask viewers for engagement i.e to share, like and comment below of your video.

3. Use Relevant Thumbnails:

Use thumbnails with high contrast and bright and make sure it accurately represents your content and good in size on all devices.

4. Use Annotations:

Annotations are the notes on your videos. These are helpful to increase audience with different ways 

  • Create an annotation represents the call to action like requesting people to subscribe your youtube channel. 
  • Create an annotation which is clickable with landing pages or product pages.
  • Create an annotation which links to related youtube videos.

Manage where the annotations should appear and disappear on the video.

5. Use Quora:

Quora is one of the question and answer websites where you can ask and share your knowledge with others. Here you can post your videos as answers to the relevant questions of your niche. By sharing your youtube videos here will get more views as well as will helpful to others.

6. Share in Bookmarking Sites:

Share your youtube videos on social bookmarking websites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious etc. By sharing your videos in these sites help you to build links manually.

7. Embed Your Videos On Your Blog:

Create a blog where you can add your youtube videos and share. The blog is one of the best sources of traffic. You can ask your blog visitors to sign up for your YouTube channel.

8. Run A Contest:

To attract new visitors to your videos running a contest is the best way. Here you can reach not only the current audience but also new audience who will your youtube channel after seeing contest entries.

9. Buying Views:

This is the shortest way to get more views on your youtube videos. It makes marketing video easier but can be dangerous or risky if you don't approach it in right way. Some of Youtube Marketing company such Social Marts provide real Youtube views.

10. Collaborate With Other YouTubers:

Try to reach YouTubers who work for similar niche and collaborate with them. Request them out for an opportunity to work together on something interesting so that you can reach a new audience.

11. Commenting :

Comment on other youtube channel videos which can have a major impact on a number of views your videos. Another thing is a comment on your own video after uploading your video. It will encourage others to follow along.

Post videos regularly, bring humor, relatability, or inspiration to your content and promote them through these 11 ideas stated above. Identifying your target audience and doing some research can help. 

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