How To Use Google Keyword Planner For Profitable Adwords Account?

Google keyword planner is the first contact point for keyword research of many digital marketers. It is a free tool for marketers to get ideas about keywords, ad groups and campaigns to create for any business. We choose bids and budget for the campaign and keywords which are relevant to the product or service through this tool.

Simply a google keyword planner is defined as "Keyword Planner to research traffic potential" which is also known as keyword suggestion tool.

We can get keyword ideas for a business by just entering a term or word relevant to your business. Based on the monthly search volume of keyword we can add a keyword to the keyword list of a campaign and track performance. 

The workflow of this tool is keyword selection, keyword grouping, keyword analysis and filtering aspects of the keyword selection.

10 Ways How Google Keyword Planner Helps For PPC:

1.    Helps to choose historical statistics like search volume for keywords list.

2.    Helps to find out new keyword ideas related to your products, services for search  network campaigns.

3.    Helps to get search volume data and trends of the keywords. Based on this you can add keywords to the campaigns or remove them.

4.    Helps to find out multiple combinations of keyword phrases to add to your campaign.

5.    Helps to plan advertising budget for the campaign.

6.    Helps to target and filter your results through keyword options.

7.    Helps to save the keywords that we need for a campaign.

8.    Helps to find the traffic forecasts of the keywords.

9.    Helps to fix the issues of traffic forecasts.

10.  Helps to edit the keyword ideas that we want.

Sometimes we can use our own keyword list and upload in keyword planner to estimate traffic and bidding of that keywords. The main usage of the Google Keyword Planner is it gives tips to build a keyword list for the campaign that we wanted to create. 

Other Ways:

1. It also makes SEO keyword research simpler and more result oriented. We can estimate traffic of the keywords and optimize for SEO.

2. As mobile has become a trend we can use this tool for visualizing mobile traffic trends. 

3.This tool plays a key role in content marketing strategy for optimizing content.

Finally, it is useful for all marketers of all disciplines. Business owners especially small business should never miss out an opportunity to take advantage of Google's Keyword Planner tool in their business

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