Top 15 Digital Marketing Trends for Organizations in 2017

1. Content Marketing
Web pages are the foundation of digital content marketing. The richness of your contents, through video, responsive web and infographics are sure to be the biggest player in 2017. On the basis of visitor’s profile personalization is getting substituted. Content marketing quotes collect more accurate and intent data from visitors and facilitate interactive experience along with programming flow and logic. The trend is to measure the ROI of content marketing.
2. Big Data
The experiencing of increase in volume, data format, and real-time data, businesses are exploiting the value of increasing their sales through more personalized websites and email marketing through predictive analytics. This big data help in manipulating the characteristics and behavior of customers.
3. Marketing Automation

The marketing automation includes CRM, web personalization, and behavioral email marketing. Those lagging behind tend to improve their automation. For measuring the effectiveness of automation, the free interactive capability will be reviewed periodically.
4. Mobile Marketing
Since more companies have adopted email templates and mobile responsive web designs, there are fewer opportunities for further growth. However, the conversions need to be optimized. Therefore major businesses are striving at adaptive mobile design approach.
5. Social Media Marketing
Because of its reach and options, businesses still show large interest for social media marketing, giving importance to Social Customer Care and Social CRM. However, some social networks like Facebook and Twitter are having reduced popularity in some countries.
6. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Smart insight will have the highest growth in the year ahead. Businesses will adopt data-driven approaches for increasing leads and sales.
7. Application of Internet of Things Marketing
This connecting device enables people to talk to one another for sharing data. This is likely to reach 75 billion by 2020.
8. Search Engine Optimization
With the recent announcement of Google about AMP and Mobile Index, businesses tend to implement AMP pages along with active blog too. Read more about SEO Services.
9. Wearables
Wearables, such as Activity Trackers, Apple watch, and augmented reality are gaining more popularity, with businesses, tending towards them.
10. Paid Search Marketing
Google’s AdWords, a form of Pay per Click (PPC) is gaining popularity, with Google pursuing their ‘Mobile-Strategy’
11. Online PR
Online PR is getting linked with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content marketing and Social Media, but is yet to rate higher because of the importance of other features.
12. Display Advertisement
There is also a trend for adopting banner on publishers, programmatic and ad network
13. Communities
These include vertical communities and branded niche
14. Partnering
This includes affiliate marketing and co-marketing that are mostly neglected
15. Other Trends
Other trends are Account-based Marketing meant for B2b marketers, Machine Learning, Employee Advocacy and Feedback, Digital Out-of-home (OOH) and Omni-channel and Multi-channel Attribution, meant to help each other

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