5 Ways to Optimize Google Expanded Text Ads

Google has officially launched expanded text ads. Expanded Text Ads are now the default ad type in Google AdWords. These are ads with the extra area available for more text. This is good news for advertisers.

Expanded Text Ads are defined as " simply bigger than regular text ads".

Google AdWords will only support the creation and editing of 'extended' text ads. The ETA strategy aims to maximize your ad presence and performance on mobile, desktop computer search results. These ads are similar to the standard text ads that you're used to but with a few key differences now globally available. It is the new way to format your Search Ads on Google's Search Network. This change in ad format helps to maximize clickthrough rate. It is an advantage for advertisers. 

An Example of Expanded Text Ads:

Changes That Affect Advertisers:
  • You have two 30-character headline fields instead of one 25-character headline i.e. the main headline and a secondary headline.
  • You have single 80-character description line instead of two 35-character descriptions i.e. two description lines have been merged into one field.
  • Google will automatically generate an URL for your ad.
  • Your text ads are now mobile-optimized
5 Ways to Optimize Google Expanded Text Ads:

1. Optimize Headlines:

Headlines are the most important part of your ads. Through headline, you can grab the attention of people. Use your main keyword for the first headline and supporting information as the second headline. Make sure that your ad is compelling and easy to read on different devices.

2. Optimize Description:

Use calls-to-action in your ad description. After viewing headline people will see for a call to action. By using a call to action such as sign up, free trail, download or visit website in description helps you to profit to take action.

3. Optimize Display URL:

Google will automatically generate a Display URL from your final URL. Use your business keywords in display URL of two paths to enhance (Up To 15 Characters). You can use them to highlight or recap your offer and call-to-action. 

4. Use Ad Extensions:

After updating headline, description, and URL in the ad use ad extensions with deep links like the business location which helps to increase your ad performance.

5. Experiment 2 Ads Per Adgroup:

First experiment by creating two ads per Adgroup. If the ads performance does well go for 3 to 5 ads per Adgroup.

Out of all these practices, one thing that we should keep in mind is "Take advantage of character limits".

Expanded Text Ads are a new mobile-optimized ad format which gives you more space to grab your customers' attention. These are the 5 best practices of expanded text ads of Google Adwords that I follow. 

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