20 Facebook Advertising Tips To Grow Your Business Online

Facebook marks a milestone in helping businesses to reach new customers and it is the largest social media network in the world. Advertising in facebook is a growing platform that offers a huge potential reach for advertising campaigns. It is a unique and effective platform to generate digital advertising results. Facebook ads are great for business and a powerful, highly targeted opportunity can connect with new audiences at lower ad costs.

Marketers now have a new way to deliver highly targeted Facebook advertising which is very similar to other ad solutions like Google AdWords. Facebook advertising takes time and practice. These facebook ads have most robust features available in digital marketing.

Facebook advertising is simply defined as a smart way to sell more stuff and reach new audiences.

Here's a list of some tips that all marketers can do to improve their Facebook advertising:

1. Choose your main objective before you get started i.e. what is your goal? Facebook likes? website visits? fan engagement?

2. Create an offer or discount on your services or products and highlight them in your text ads.

3. Include a call to action in your ad text. The call to action should be clear whether it is about people to subscribe, like or visit a website.

4. Try to activate sponsored stories.

5. Facebook ads are not connected with facebook page but still, they appear on the right side column of your facebook page. Be strategic with your Facebook page maintenance.

6. While writing ad text be cautious because longer descriptions will be truncated on mobile devices. So, Optimize your ads for different mobile devices.

7. Use your own engaging images for your ad which looks unique and authentic.

8. Retarget the audience who visited your website to remind about your business.

9. Target or enable your ads for only the audience who have an actual use for your services.

10. Exclude certain users based on their demographics, interests who don’t want your ads to show.

11. Target a specific location where your customers live i.e. ideal geographic area.

12. Choose daily or lifetime budget for your facebook ad campaigns.

13. Establish a bid strategy.

14. Use video for advertising.

15. Provide an interactive content that is shareable through your ads about your services or products.

16. Test different landing pages.

17. Mention benefits what your products or services offer in your text ad.

18. Keep an eye on potential reach of your ads to a targeted audience.

19. Build upon existing leads upload email list of the audience with whom you are already in touch.

20. Focus on keywords of your product or service in ad text.

Optimize facebook ads for a potential audience who may convert for your business. Narrow down your ads for a specific audience to get results you need. Facebook ads can yield great results for your crowdfunding campaign or business.  

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