20 Twitter Advertising Tips and Tricks For Your Business

Twitter is used to connect the interests of people. It is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with. It is the biggest gathering place for content marketing. The Twitter user is 500% more likely to post blogs.  For business owners, the complex ecosystem of social media advertising can be difficult to navigate.

Twitter Advertising became public now. Twitter's ad suite is much more simple.

Twitter advertising is divided into two categories 

1. Promote tweets
2. Promote accounts

Promote Tweets:

To advertise specific product or service or message promotes tweets are ideal. Twitter advertising engagement with promoted tweets increases purchase likelihood by 53%.

Promote Account:

To get more followers promoting account is an efficient method.

Social media has become hugely important for getting the most clicks on content marketing. We can also use Twitter to drive MASSIVE traffic to your website.

Some of the twitter advertising tips to drive traffic to your website are as follows:

1. Identify and target the right audience on Twitter.

2. Optimize your twitter profile like update profile pic, update cover photo and update your bio.

3. Include your blog or website URL in your twitter profile.

4. Pin a tweet to your twitter profile to get more visitors to your blog or website.

5. Determine whether your tweets are good or bad.

6. Set goals i.e. people who see your tweets should also click and share.

7. Include images and visuals in your tweets. It helps to grab the attention of the user.

8. Add hashtags to your tweets. Hashtags should limit to 3. Too many hashtags is a problem because it looks like spamming.

9. Include a strong call to action in your tweet message and increase your tweet engagement. Use trigger words that would just boost your engagement.

10. Tweet at right time for the audience. Right time depends on when your followers are using Twitter. Two ways to find the best time is self-testing and research conducted by others.

11. Encourage people to tweet your content with just a click. Click to Tweet schedule helps to increase traffic.

12. Use some smart twitter tools like just retweet which increase traffic to your website.

13. Measure the performance of your tweets through twitter analytics.

14. Set up Twitter Cards for your site. This plays a major role in increasing traffic.

15. Limit targeting tweets to certain devices, like BlackBerry, and by gender.

16. Experiment different tweets for each campaign. Twitter will test all tweets and promotes best performing tweet.

17. Test different budgets per country.

18. Offer some deals in your tweets.

19. Make sure you exclude mobile devices when you’re setting up the parameters of your campaign.

20. Target the right people, making the right offer, and giving the right message.

These are the tips for twitter advertising which helps to drive traffic to blog or website. Implement these tips You'll never know what works until you try. Twitter’s user base is expanding, and that brands want to advertise to those users.

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