Used and Under Used Content Marketing Strategies You Can Implement

Nowadays people just scan content on the Internet, instead of actually reading it. Text still dominates the Web. 

To get a deeper understanding of a product and service about buying content marketing strategy plays a major role. 

Appealing to both website visitors and the search engines through the publication and distribution content has become one of the ways to digital marketing future. Regardless of industry, every business needs a strong content marketing campaign. 

A growth strategy of a business should compulsory need content marketing nowadays. To stay in touch with customers content is a need.

Digital marketers generate ideas for the most engaging content marketing types for their audiences. Every content creates moments that connect and move people to advocate for your brand. 

Some of the interesting stats of content marketing are 

  • 47% of buyers has viewed 3-5 piece of content before purchasing the product.
  • B2B marketers, on an average, allocate 30% of their total marketing budget to content marketing alone.
  • 9 out of 10 organizations market through content. 
  • Most of the customers spend their time going through case studies about a product before purchasing it. 

Commonly understood benefits of content marketing are as follows

  • Low cost
  • unlimited people to reach
  • an easy way to separate target groups 
  • focus on a demo-geographic aspect
  • fast turn-around

More than a content marketing buzzword it has become an important concept of digital marketing. But 55% of people are still unclear about content marketing success and effectiveness.

Here are used and underused strategies of content marketing which quickly increase organic traffic and sales for your business.

Used content marketing strategies are:

1. Before targeting your audience do market research which gives you a better idea where your ideal customers tend to spend the most time online.

2. Create an effective and engaging content that resonates your audience. 

3. Surprise them with best prank gifts from time to time to keep them engaged.

4. Be clear about what type of content you are focusing on? How often you publish the content? and Places you will promote/share the created content?

5. Produce content which is unique and high in quality.

6. Content seasoned with images, videos and infographics can keep the audience engaged.

7. Storytelling content marketing is one of the best ways to attract the attention of readers.

8. Adopt a content distribution strategy that makes sure your content reaches the right audience.

9. Keep optimizing your overall content and strategy.

10. Distribute content on a number of platforms from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc

Underused strategies of content marketing that drive organic traffic immediately are:

1. Perform content audit in order to make sure that it’s doing what you want it to do, driving the right kind of traffic, containing the right kind of keywords, and improving conversions.

2. Start relaunching old content a concept introduced by Brain Dean. He took a blog post which has dropped SERP's, no comments, no backlinks etc and updated, restructured with images and case studies. The result was remarkable within 14 days he got 260.7% of organic traffic.

3. Content repurposing plays a major role to get traffic quickly. Through repurposing, the audience may come across your content after it has been altered, through a different channel.
Example: Eugene Cheng has repurposed his existing content on Slideshare which lead to 2 million views.

4. Write case studies in your blog posts, you can’t go wrong with having case studies. In a survey report, it is mentioned that case studies rank as the third most influential content type in the purchase process for both small businesses and large enterprises.

Take time to ensure that the content is valuable to the given audience. Content which is worth sharing will survive any kind of Google update. 

Achieve massive brand exposure through the consistent output of awesome content. Content marketing will be and continue to be an essential part of SEO in 2017 and beyond.  

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